Here, There and Everywhere: Monk’s Advice?

By Don Heckman

The document below has been floating around the internet for at least a couple of years, maybe more.  But I can’t find any confirmation of whether it was actually written by Thelonious Monk or by someone else.  One of the suggested possibilities is Steve Lacy, and it does indeed look like his handwriting.  In addition, the date at top — 1960 — coincides with the period when Lacy was working with Monk.  But it could also be a complete fabrication.

It would, of course, be great to have some confirmation that the document really is something directly, or even indirectly, from Monk himself.  And it’s easy to convince oneself that it represents the kind of thoughts he might have expressed.

So, if anyone has some accurate information about it, please let me know, and I’ll pass it on.  And if I’m unknowingly violating anyone’s copyright, let me know that, as well, and I’ll quickly remove the post.



One thought on “Here, There and Everywhere: Monk’s Advice?

  1. Quite a lot of Monk mythology has been circulating recently.
    I too heard that this was written by Steve Lacy though Monk’s personality even exists in his distinct hand writing and it is not at all far fetched to hear Thelonious speaking in this language but Monk was also not one to reveal himself in such a verbally blatant manner.
    “Don’t play everything” would probably have been a sufficient amount of communication for anyone who would have to ask.
    Another entertaining piece of Monk mythology that has been going around lately is that Albert Einstein was a fan. Though neither giant is alive to comfirm this, it seems to make perfect sense.

    -Devon Wendell


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