Holiday Gift Guide: Singing Bowls

By Faith Frenz

Tibetan Singing Bowls offered by Bodhisattva Trading Co. Inc. are authentic antiques from the Himalayas.  Rain Gray, a Tibetan musicologist, has been  collecting and researching these Master-quality antiques (between 100 and 400 years old) for the past 30 years.

In a message from the Himalayas, where he spends six months of each year, he says  “Finding the world’s finest singing bowls has been a labor of love.”  In addition, he and his partner Shakti have devoted their energies to activism for a Free Tibet and the founding of the Los Angeles chapter of Friends of Tibet.

Their website, Bodhisattva,  is a beautiful design filled not only with information and videos about the diverse product line of antique singing bowls, Tibetan bells, gongs, malas, statues and paintings but educational information, testimonials, gift ideas, and videos of individual bowls which can be searched by Chakra note or pitch.  Prices for the bowls range from $150 to over $1,000.   Rain Gray also notes that “Readers who check our website galleries will find some incredible special deals for the holidays.”

What are singing bowls used for?  Over the centuries they have been primary tools for meditation.  If you plan to buy and live in or around Los Angeles, call and make an appointment to visit their showroom for a personal presentation and evaluation by the  gracious Shakti.  Don Heckman and I were fortunate to experience the fascinations of the showroom and the warm, informative guidance of Shakti,  who helped us find appropriate choices as we tested many of the bowls.  They remain in our home — a most treasured reminder, as well as a tool for centering ourselves via our own personal meditations.

Shakti has asked that — to  honor the holiday season — we include this video of her performing Carol of the Bells on a collection of antique singing bowls from Bodhisattiva Trading Company.  Check their website for instructional videos about the meditative use of the bowls.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Singing Bowls

  1. Namaste Faith: Thanks for the great review of our company! If’s been a work of love for over 30 years now. I’m here in the Himalayas where I spend 6 month of each year finding the world’s finest Singing Bowls. Shakti is in Los Angeles and will be most happy to help any of your readers to find a wonderful singing bowl for either themselves or for a treasured holiday gift. Also readers should please check our website galleries ( they will find some incredible Special Deals for the Holidays!

    Wishing you All the Best,
    Rain Gray


  2. How great to see this article about “the bowls”. If anyone is interested in hearing the Tibetan and Crystal Singing bowls in a more musical than sound healing context, I recommend Ron Esposito’s CD “Open Heart.” The opening track is being played on PRI’s “Echoes”. You can sample the CD at Enjoy!


  3. Namaste, Faith: I’m sitting here at my laptop in my house here in the Himalayas and have just discovered your post! Thanks for your wonderful and generous review. Please note that we continue to add more information from our research including now a blog by Shakti, called The Secret Lives of Singing Bowls at, and just recently a new video about Singing Bowl Therapy for Autism which can be seen at

    Keep up the good work with your writing and please do get in touch to do a more in depth follow up article soon.

    Om Mani Padme Hum . . .
    Rain Gray


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