Here, There & Everywhere: Allen Mezquida’s “Smigly”

By Don Heckman

Allen Mezquida is a fine jazz alto saxophonist.  But he’s more than that -– talented and imaginative in a field that is, he says, “a unique way to also present my jazz music.”

That field is animation.  And Mezquida, a brilliant animator, has created a character – an irresistible character – named Smigly, who is an Everyman for the 21st century.  In his most recent appearance, Smigly learns, first hand, how “rough it is out there,” notes Mezquida “for the jazzer.”

Mezquida’s dark, but extremely telling humor is also manifest in a variety of equally penetrating ways in other Smigly adventures.  Here’s a link to experience Smigly’s world – a place in which your cranium is attached to your funny bone: Smigly.


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