Here, There & Everywhere: James Moody Battles Cancer

By Don Heckman

James Moody’s loving wife and companion, Linda, sent out the news a few days ago that most of his friends and fans had been anticipating with dread.  Prior to her email statement, the only public information about Moody’s condition was that he had been enduring a long recovery from gall bladder surgery.  As it turned out, that much of it was accurate.

But there was more.

In her email, Linda Moody wrote “…he has Pancreatic Cancer.  He was operated on last February 28th to have the tumor resected, but it proved to be impossible without endangering his life.  The world renowned Dr. Babs Moossa removed his gallbladder and did a double bypass of his digestive system to remove the blockage.  He was in the ICU at UCSD Thornton Hospital for almost 8 weeks with life threatening infections and was finally able to come home in May.”

She also added that Moody had made the decision “not to have any chemo or radiation.”

As I said above, it’s not good news.  Not for anyone who’s ever known or experienced the company of this remarkable man, for anyone who’s had the pleasure of hearing his music, or for all of us who value the presence in the world of people who, like Moody, spread life, spirit and joy wherever they go.

In an interview with San Diego writer George Varga, Linda Moody noted, “We decided to let people know about his condition now, mainly because I felt he should feel the love from people around the world whose lives he has touched.” And she invited fans and friends to e-mail her husband at:

So now it’s our turn.  Our turn to thank Moody for his many blessings, to let him know how important he has been, and will continue to be, to so many lives.

One thought on “Here, There & Everywhere: James Moody Battles Cancer

  1. In the last year two friends have succumbed to pancreatic cancer – it is becoming a scourge I never heard much about before. I caught you once a long time ago at Lennie’s (on the Turnpike) just north of Boston. We had a brief conversation at intermission, and I remember you as a gracious man. My sincere regards and best wishes and many thanks for some great music.
    Peter Roberts


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