Op-Ed Commentary: Guns and the Connecticut Killings

By Brian Arsenault

(I know this is a place to write about music but the music just went out of my life for a while. I can’t stop thinking, as Neil Young did, about all the kids who’ll “never get to fall in love, never get to be cool”.)

This is all I have to say about guns in America.


We have too many. They are too powerful. They are death dealers. Guns do kill. That’s all they are for.


Oh, I understand that evil was loose. That people once called it the Devil, and some still do, because how else to explain it. Calling it mental illness in our modern, scientific age doesn’t make it any better. The depth of evil at work here was not just to destroy children and families but to shatter Christmas for all who would be happy now.

Yet what  I have to write about is guns so my head won’t explode. My heart has already broken.

And it all comes down to one word.


So let’s have some guts about it. Let’s ban automatic weapons, especially essentially military combat type rifles. (And don’t quibble please about nomenclature. You know what I mean.) And toss in automatic pistols and pump action shotguns while we’re at it. And any weapon that holds a ridiculously large ammunition clip.

Oh, let’s also rid ourselves of ammunition that can go through thick cement walls and blast a hole as big as your fist in any flesh it hits.

Nobody sane needs those kinds of weapons and too many of the insane have them. Do we need any more proof?

Make it illegal not to turn over these weapons immediately. Make possession of them a finable offense and double the sentence for any crime committed with them.  Once received, melt them down, break them down, pound them into plowshares. If you suggest that I am emotional about this, damn right. If you are not, why not?

I don’t want to hear about protecting your home. A double barreled shotgun and a revolver are enough but wouldn’t better protection be a saner, less armed world?  If only criminals will have guns, as you gun lovers love to suggest, well, it will be easier to identify them and put them away.

And spare me the Second Amendment nonsense. There aren’t any of you likely to be called up in a “militia” (quaint old word) and if you are, feel free to bring your musket. As someone once said, the Constitution is not a death pact.  There’s nothing in it that says we can’t regulate weaponry for our safety and security.

For those who think they’re going to hold off a repressive government with their little home arsenal, good luck with that missile the fighter jet is about to flame you with. Don’t think you have a tank, either.

A repressive government is best held in check by an informed and intelligent citizenry, not your own personal Alamo.

The latest mass murderer, whose name should never be spoken except to be cursed, tried to buy a rifle and couldn’t because of sane gun laws. So he went home and got Ma’s, shot her and you know the rest. The horror.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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