Brian Arsenault Takes On: The Melodic Caring Project

 And So Should You

By Brian Arsenault

An 8-year old is headed for her 29th surgery in a few days.  That’s 29th surgery, I said.  Eight years old. Doesn’t that just piss you off, make you want to throw something, yell and scream and wish you could do something for her and all the bald little kids on children’s wards hauling around their IV posts or lying in bed because they can’t do much else?

Well, you can, especially if you think music is about the best thing in the world next to healthy, laughing kids.

There’s this outfit in Seattle called the Melodic Caring Project (MCP) which works with some other angels to stream live concerts right into kids’ hospital rooms.  For free.  Personalized for them.  With side by messages from friends and relatives.

Imagine you’re nine with chemo scheduled for the morning but you and Mom and Dad can watch a live concert and hear your name called out by the band and several thousand people cheer. Think it might help? Damn right.

Musician Levi Ware and his wife Stephanie received a higher calling about two years ago and started MCP, and in concert with other organizations (read angels) — more about them later – they have streamed concerts to kids all over the country and all over the world.

Any band touring through Seattle can have its show streamed.  Soon there’ll be a second hub in Nashville and another in Los Angeles.  New York will follow.

Calling all bands: all you have to do is let MCP know you’d make a show available. They’ll do the rest. That’s where the music industry comes in.

Where regular folks like you and me come in is that we can send a donation.  If you’d like to do that, just go to Melodic Caring Project.  If you’d like a concert streamed to a kid you love, go to the same place and fill out a patient submission form. Or call (425) 346-4246 to get started.

As previously noted, there are other angels involved.  Melodic Caring Project has partnered with Starlight Children’s Foundation to send live music to their global network of hospitals and kids. They have also partnered with Seattle Living Room Shows who book shows that make the kids feel right at home, and with Seattle Theatre Group who own and operate the three major theaters in town (Paramount, Moore and Neptune). Upstream provides the streaming platform for the kids to tune in.

The key founders and organizations may be Seattle or northwest based but their reach is global.

“There are no limits to this except the resources available,” Levi says. “We are reaching kids all over the place and want to reach more.”

Each show is streamed to the hospital room of a maximum of nine kids so they can be kept personalized for each child. So that each kid can feel special. Because each kid is special.

Levi says his own music performances have been “back burnered” because of the needs of MCP.  If he could give up some career, maybe you could give up a little cash or time or help spread the world. I’m hoping that music writers all over the place will give this a ton of visibility.  You got anything more important to do?  I don’t.

On June 14, MCP will be hosting its first annual fund raising gala with top notch Seattle area up and coming bands.  Tracks from the artists will be available on a compilation MCP will release to extend the concert’s fund raising potential.    I’ll let you know when you can buy one.  How hard is that? I just know you want to help. But you don’t have to wait until then.

As we leave behind Easter weekend and Passover week and as we see the first signs of Spring, think about the kids in all those children’s hospital wings.  I don’t have the courage it takes to work there.  Most of us don’t.  Very, very special nurses, doctors and others do.

Still, we can make a little difference. We lovers of music know its power, its strength, its curative value.  Really look at the photos.  Watch the video here and the one on the site. Then do what you can.

* * * * * * * * * *

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4 thoughts on “Brian Arsenault Takes On: The Melodic Caring Project

  1. That’s a helluva opening line, man. Woiw.

    I’d say nice piece–which it is–but that’s quite beside the point. No point in saying stay strong, either, because obviously you have.

    But that is some opener. May I never come up with one as good as it, and may you never again as well, either.




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