Photo Review: Sally Kellerman at Vitello’s

Studio City, CA. Sally Kellerman is such a musically dynamic performer that it almost doesn’t matter what she’s singing.  Whether it’s the Great American Songbook, the blues, a country tune or a rock classic, she brings it vividly to life.

On Wednesday night at Vitello’s, backed by the Andy Langham trio, she sang a program of songs reaching easily across various genres.  And we decided to try something a little different: a set of photos illustrating Sally in action, bringing a panorama of rich emotions to a far-ranging set of songs.

 Photos by Bonnie Perkinson.

“I Feel Good”
“Say It Isn’t So”
"I Believe the Lies of Handsome Men"
“I Believe the Lies of Handsome Men”
"A Spooky Boy Like You"
“A Spooky Boy Like You”
"Damn Your Eyes"
“Damn Your Eyes”
"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"
“Breaking Up Is Hard To Do”
“How Sweet It Is.”




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