Throw Back Thursday: Remembering Sheila Jordan

By Don Heckman

Fifty three years ago this month, Sheila Jordan’s first album, Portrait of Sheila, was released on Blue Note Records. In the same month, I wrote a story/conversation about Sheila and her new album for Down Beat magazine.

sheila Jordan3We’ve been good friends ever since, often encountering each other in different parts of the country. I’ve heard her perform many times in many places, frequently reviewed her live performances as well as her numerous recordings. And I’ve experienced the creative pleasure of having Sheila record demo tapes of some of my songs.

So, I’m especially delighted to say that this week’s Throwback Thursday provides me with an opportunity to share some of the memorable aspects of of our lifetime friendship.

Here’s a direct link to the Down Beat story conversation I had with Sheila on May5, 1963:

And here’s a direct link to Sheila’s first album, Portrait of Sheila.

Enjoy Sheila’s thoughtful comments in my Down Beat Story and her ground breaking vocals in Portrait of Sheila. And if you want more, be sure to read Ellen Johnson’s Jordan biography, Jazz Child: A Portrait of Sheila Jordan.

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