Highlight of the Week in Los Angeles: Heartbeat Brazil celebrates CD release at Catalina Bar & Grill, Wednesday, November 2.

by Don Heckman

Any evening of Brazilian music is almost always a night to remember. Stephan Oberhoff brings his Heartbeat Brazil group to Catalina Bar & Grill to celebrate the release of their new CD.For this event you will experience not only the familiar Brazilian jazz classics but the high energy street music called Maracatu.


Stephan Oberhoff is a multi-faceted musician who performs as producer, musician, songwriter, arranger, and sound engineer for his new album.

“HeartBeat Brazil’s ground-breaking work on “Spirit Of The Maracatu” honors the era in which tribes would celebrate their freedom with the traditional procession through the village with the rhythm that leaves many westerners and Europeans alike absolutely breathless.” You can learn more about this group on Mr. Oberhoff’s website: http://stephanoberhoff.com/

An example of his many talents, Mr. Oberhoff has  also just completed the production of a new CD performance by Broadway star, Susan Watson entitled The Music Never Ends, just released on Itunes and CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/susanwatson2


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