“Heartbeat Brazil” CD Release at Catalina Bar & Grill in Los Angeles

By Norton Wright

Wondrous was on November 2nd to see and hear Stephan Oberhoff and his “Heartbeat Brazil” quintet DAZZLE at the Catalina Jazz Club.

Matt Cooker (Cello), Kana Shimanuki (Guest vocals), Stephan Oberhoff (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Simon Carroll (drums and percussion), Clarice Cast (percussion), Robert Kyle (saxophone, flute, percussion)

Large visual screens displayed gorgeous photographic sequences of Brazilian beaches, beautiful people, sunrises, and sunsets synced to Oberhoff’s bossa nova compositions. Vocals, and instrumentals were backed by spectacular woodwindist Robert Kyle, cellist Matt Cooker, and propulsive percussionists Simon Carroll and Clarice Cast…

In the audience and loving it were singers Melissa Manchester, Amanda McBroom, George Ball, and keyboard artists John Proulx and Michele Brourman. A lovely circle of friends and admirers! The only remaining question is WHEN WILL STEPHAN OBERHOFF BE GIVEN A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE TO SCORE!


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