CD review: “The Music Never Ends” by Susan Watson

By Don Heckman & Faith Frenz

A new album by Broadway musical star, Susan Watson, has just been released to a myriad of praises from many of her most luminary peers. We are about to add our own with the unnecessary disclaimer that she is also our longtime friend of whom we are extremely proud.

susan-watsonCo-created with her producer-husband Norton Wright (a film and TV producer), the album the title of which is a lyric from the song “How Do You Keep the Music Playing?” (Marilyn & Alan Bergman, lyrics, and Michel Legrand, music ) is a musical autobiography of Susan’s lifetime of romances. As in the chapters of a book each song, drawn from The Great American Songbook, reveals insights into the richness and complexity of amorous relationships.

Susan’s life and career as a Broadway ingénue have a storybook quality: from West Side Story and The Fantasticks to her most recent performance in the Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim’s musical, Follies, she has never ceased to spread her radiant charm and talent through her songs. Despite the decades, her voice remains strong, pure and finely tuned, with the sensitivity of a storyteller.

The album is richly supported by the orchestrations of the CD’s arrangers and co-producers, Michele Brourman and Stephan Oberhoff. Although impossible to choose favorites, “Let Yourself Go” featuring clarinet solos by John Tegmeyer brings a touch of jazz as does the playful ragtime treatment of “It Had To Be You” with Robert Kyle on soprano sax .”They Were You” has a charming Paris bistro aura that features Stephan Oberhoff’s accordian.

An excellent choice for anyone looking to share holiday joy. Susan Watson’s album is available



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