New CD release: Eliane Elias “Dance of Time”

By Don Heckman

The first time I saw and heard  Eliane Elias in action I fell in love. Always a devotee of Brazilian jazz, I found the combination of Eliane’s captivating musical imagination and her rhythmic grooves flowing with an irresistible energy .

Dance of Time is an album that demands a full body experience going well beyond 51wuc3W4RtL._SS500listening. This is true of most music from Brazil, but Eliane digs into her Brazilian heritage for this album recorded in her home country. Favored instrumental tracks such as the opener “O Pato” display the authenticity of Eliane’s hard-swinging intimate linkage with classic jazz roots.

Her vocals reveal another aspect of her remarkable interactive skills. Her interpretation of “Speak Low” accompanied by the mellow flugelhorn of Randy Brecker, for example. At a time when female jazz vocalists dominate the field, Eliane has chosen her own path as one of the rare singer/instrumentalists with world wide acclaim for her multiple talents, both musical and linguistic.

Recorded in Brazil, released by Concord, Eliane is joined by a number of guests, among them ex-husband and trumpeter Randy Brecker, vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, Mark Kibble of Take 6, pianist Amilton Godoy (with whom she plays a duet), and guitarists Toquinho and João Bosco.

Beginning in June she has scheduled another world  tour in major cities on several continents. Check her website to see if she is coming your way.  Her live performances are the best way to experience her dynamic renditions.


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