An Appreciation: Paul Bley

  By Devon Wendell Paul Bley, who passed away at the age of 83 on Sunday, January 3, was always different. His polytonal approach to the piano stood out from the flocks of imitators copying Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, and Herbie Hancock. There was this amazing dissonance to his playing that reminded me of Bud… Read More An Appreciation: Paul Bley


CD Jazz Review: Codona

By Fernando Gonzalez Don Cherry, Nana Vasconcelos, Collin Walcott “The Codona Trilogy”  (ECM) Formed in 1977, Codona, the trio comprising multi-instrumentalist Collin Walcott, trumpeter-cornetist Don Cherry and  percussionist Nana Vasconcelos, foreshadowed the World Music phenomenon that exploded in the 1980s. Looking back at their individual careers to that point (and the fact that their paths… Read More CD Jazz Review: Codona