Video: “Cough Up the Bucks,” Riding with Neil Young

by Casey Dolan

God bless the old nutball. I love him. Here’s the latest video from Neil Young’s album, “Fork in the Road,” set to be released by Reprise on April 7. Young has always had that that simian physiognomy that could approximate a corrupt tycoon (real estate might be the perfect investment), sweating, sputtering in apoplectic fury. Directed or played by Orson Welles. With a couple of essential props: the shades, the cellphone. And the stretch limo? Perfect.

The song strolls at that mid-tempo banging pace that Young loves so much, but the guitar is not quite all those overdriven open chords that we have come to expect. Instead, there’s some close-voiced density harshness and a touch more twang that he’s pulling from his Paul. But, in blissful contrast, the lovely stacked harmonies come in on the chorus.

It’s both what you’d expect and what you’d not expect. The video’s political statement and the tune manage to be both avant-garde and naively primitive at once. In other words, Neil Young, as ever, is the most sane lunatic of us all.

Viddy here: Neil Young – Cough Up The Bucks


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