In Conversation: Herbie Hancock and Don Heckman at Book Soup

By Bonnie Perkinson

On November 3rd,  a rare event took place in West Hollywood. The kind and welcoming staff of Book Soup had an In Conversation event with two giants of jazz: the singular genius, Herbie Hancock; and the soft spoken, elegant, musician and music critic Don Heckman.

The aisles were filled with people of all ages, delighted to have  the opportunity to hear the wise and ever youthful Mr. Hancock, share stories from his life and autograph his new book.

His memoir, Possibilities, written with the fine assistance of Lisa Dickey and published by Viking, will soon be read  by lovers of jazz and music worldwide.

Herbie Hancock gestures with hand 2

The crowd was taken by Mr. Hancock’s kindness, wit and contagious optimism, while deeply moved by his strength and capacity to visit and discuss the rougher waters of his life.  As well as his patient willingness to autograph dozens of new copies of Possibilities.

With the mindless worship of idiotic celebrities in our time, what a privilege it was to spend an evening with a legend of such inventiveness, so lacking in pretense, and brave as a man and musician. We should all feel fortunate to be living while Mr. Hancock is here to lift us up with his joyous sound and horizons of possibilities.

A great deal of thanks should be given to KPFK – 90.7 FM, a proud sponsor of the evening. The station has brilliant and diverse musical programming and delivers news with no corporate funding.

* * * * * * * *

Photos by photo-journalist Bonnie Perkinson.


One thought on “In Conversation: Herbie Hancock and Don Heckman at Book Soup

  1. So sorry to have missed it (ugh!!! – just read of it today. Bonnie, your beautiful writing (just like your poignant photography) conveys a wonderful event!


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